Remuneration Surveys

Remuneration Surveys

Our surveys constitute an important part of an organisation’s decision-making process by providing detailed analysis on current market pay rates including base pay, total cash and total package including non-cash benefits. This allows organisations to make informed, fair and consistent remuneration decisions for their employees, and supports the attraction and retention of key staff.


Our jurisdictional specific Staff reports provide the largest source of remuneration information in the Crown Dependencies, with over 17,000 jobs from over 170 organisations.

Roles are matched using descriptors and levels across more than 70 different job families.

Our data tables are published every six months ensuring data is current, no matter when your company’s pay review period falls.

We provide a detailed analysis of the benefits our participants offer and a year-on-year comparison where applicable, allowing insight into market trends.

Island specific data is available to participating organisations for Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Director & Senior Managers
Director & Senior Managers

Our jurisdictional specific Director reports include data from over 1,200 senior roles from over 130 organisations across the Crown Dependencies.

Roles are evaluated using our ‘Job Evaluation Tool’ which scores each role against a number of factors, allowing the effective comparison of salary, benefits and total compensation package data against market.

Island specific data is available to participating organisations for Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Non-Executive Directors
Non-Executive Directors

The demands on boards, increased legislation and the desire for experienced professionals who can provide independent views on governance, company performance and best practice, has seen an increase in the appointment of Non-Executive Directors across the islands. 

Our NED Survey is a Crown Dependency publication which provides analysis across all 3 islands, in addition to providing jurisdiction-specific data.

Our NED report provides sound and reliable information on all aspects of compensation, reward and other benefits that apply to NEDs. The report also includes amongst other areas, fee rates, time commitment, benefits, appointment bases, roles and demographics, and will enable comparisons between the different sectors in which NEDs are appointed.


Polymetrix runs a bi-annual iGaming specific survey in the jurisdiction of Malta.

Roles are matched using descriptors and levels across more than 70 different job families. 

The report contains detailed analysis of the benefits allowing insight into market trends as assists with identifying market hotspots.

Our report assists with the attraction and retention of key employees within this competitive sector, providing accurate insights into the market.


We work with our clients to continually develop and enhance our surveys ensuring they capture the ever-changing environments of the unique jurisdictions in which they operate.

In addition to providing jurisdictional specific data in relation to compensation covering base pay, total cash, benefits and total reward, our reports also provide detailed benefits analysis and comprehensive commentary, allowing existing and new clients to make informed decisions regarding their people and policies.

In addition to supporting existing companies of any scale, our reports have proven to be an invaluable data source in relation to new company start-ups by providing insights into local markets.

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  • I would highly recommend Polymetrix for your reward benchmarking needs. From the first interaction to receiving the report, the team were helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They made the process easy from start to finish and the output from the finished report was worth its weight in gold for us!

    Amber Ward

    Head of Human Resources | Doehle (IOM) Limited

  • FCM, a regulated trust and corporate service provider, provides director led private wealth and corporate services to clients across the globe. However, to stay in unison with the market and keep our people firmly in focus we needed to assess our employee rewards against the market. Polymetrix take all of the guess work out of surveys and take time to truly understand the clients they work with. Their vision is to meet with clients to understand their business and team and that allows them to perfectly balance the level of a role with the size of an organisation. Our interaction with their 2 key staff, Verienne and Kerrie-Anne, was extremely professional, welcoming and energetic – no question was ever considered immaterial! Certainly if you want a business to benchmark the financial value of employees you need go no further.

    John Wood

    Managing Director | FCM Limited

  • The comprehensive data and analysis we receive from Polymetrix is always of a high quality and greatly informs our decision-making process. It has become an extremely important tool in planning and managing our HR resource.

    Bill Mummery

    CEO | Celton Manx Limited

  • It’s been a pleasure to engage with Verienne, Kerrie-Anne and the wider team at Polymetrix. The data and reports produced are high quality and enable us to evolve our approach to reward in line with ever changing market conditions and practices.

    Conor Roche

    Senior HR Business Partner | Altum Group

  • The results from the Polymetrix salary surveys provide important data that we use to make informed decisions regarding the creation of our pay bands and for our annual pay review process. Kerrie-Anne and Verienne are extremely helpful in answering any questions and supporting us throughout the survey process which ensures the correct data is being submitted by participants, which ultimately drives the results. Very competent and professional as survey providers.

    Gargi Misra

    People & Culture Business Partner | Jersey Financial Services Commission

  • The team at Polymetrix are a delight to deal with, willingly sharing their experience and industry knowledge to help us ensure accurate benchmarking at all levels.

    Grace Eames

    Group Head of People | PraxisIFM Trust Limited

  • The Polymetrix report has provided us with much-needed insight into the industry regarding remuneration and benefits, particularly in an employee’s market, and when cost-of-living is at the highest rate in four decades. We now have the tools and industry knowledge to be able to make informed decisions when carrying out our salary reviews, and making recruitment offers in the market. Because of the high participation levels from other companies in the industry, we have confidence that the data was a true and accurate reflection of current salary bandings for the job families/levels assessed.

    Melissa Gordon

    HR & Payroll Manager | Alex Picot Trust Company Ltd

  • Polymetrix provide very useful remuneration and benefit reports, with fantastic data to refer to during pay review periods or when recruiting. They are also able to provide bespoke reports tailored to their client’s needs. The reports are very easy to read and Verienne and Kerrie-Anne are both extremely helpful. We have had a positive and long-lasting relationship, for which we are very grateful.

    Ryan Williams

    HR Manager | Walkers (Jersey) LLP

  • Introducing Polymetrix has enabled a more rigorous and structured approach to compensation management at Accuro. We are pleased to take part in the full and interim surveys and have used the data insights to build the knowledge of our Board, HR & People team and leaders to make differential investment towards retention and future talent acquisition.

    Becky Hone

    Chief People Officer | Accuro